The Future of Technology in Retail and Hospitality – Digital Space & Fortinet Webinar

An increase in innovation technology over the last 10 years has led to a disruptive change in consumer behaviour within the retail and hospitality environment.

So, how does this relate to business and how can your organisation take advantage of the current IT environment to facilitate success in the future and gain competitive advantage?

The webinar: what to expect.

At 3pm on Tuesday 14th June, our panel of experts will detail the answer to that question and more as we host a webinar on ‘Secure Connected Cloud in a Retail and Hospitality Environment’. During the free webinar, you will gain valuable insight and information from industry experts, Paul Farrelly, Chief Digital Officer at Digital Space and Chris Roberts, Business Development Director at Fortinet.

Paul has a proven track record in delivering IT platform success during his extensive 25-year career and he has spearheaded new 5G technology and sales development initiatives. At Digital Space, he’s focused on helping businesses navigate the PSTN Switch-Off and on delivering a new level of experience through the latest 5G technologies.

Chris has almost 30 years of experience in various roles within the IT industry and he is an expert in Cyber security with specialist experience and technical knowledge in core areas like cloud-specific security, zero-trust networking and cybercrime.

Gain key insight into the future

In our upcoming webinar, our panel will delve into the technological trends of tomorrow, identifying how future innovation will guarantee competitive advantage and a greater customer experience. Those in attendance will gain an understanding of the current IT landscape as we identify key areas that challenge retail and hospitality businesses. They will focus on how your organisation can overcome these challenges and ensure success in the near future.

Our experts will touch on how you can address your current vulnerabilities in networks, helping you to utilise technology in providing a seamless customer experience. Events on the horizon, such as the PSTN Switch Off, will also be discussed as our panel reveals avenues for you to gain an advantage now in anticipation of a more IoT driven market.

Along with a wealth of information to gain during the webinar, the experts will also delve into key topics such as tackling cybercrime, 5G and the UK telecom’s overhaul.

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