Do you Know your Network Health?

Assess and optimise your network with this Network Health Check

Are Network Issues Holding you Back?

If your organisation is dealing with any of the following, it may be time for a Network Health Check:

  • WAN architecture preventing or delaying digital innovation
  • Business critical applications are not performing as expected
  • Increased network operation costs
  • Wanting to migrate to the Cloud, but not sure where to start

If you're beginning your journey to achieve a secure and efficient network, start with this Network Health Check.

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Cloud Discovery Lite gives you the following, personalised outputs, free of charge:

Cloud budget

Automated analysis of your infrastructure & forecast for Cloud running

Cloud benefits

Details the relevant business drivers in your organisation

Cloud Operating Model

Assesses cloud readiness for your business in terms of security, process, training & governance

What is a Network Health Check?

At Digital Space, we strongly believe that a healthy network is a secure network. The Network Health Check is the most efficient way to deliver this.

This framework is designed to enable businesses to quickly and easily gain insights into their network security posture, the Network Health Check offers many benefits:

  • Audit your network to prepare for Secure SD-WAN
  • Helps organisations build credibility and create a strong business case to choose security solutions to mitigate threats
  • The opportunity to use FortiGuard services
  • Independent 3rd party testing (Virus Bulletin, AV-Comparatives and NSS Labs etc.)
  • Superior security intelligence and protection effectiveness

How it Works

A comprehensive 2-week assessment is conducted within your network to:

Identify existing threats in your network.
 Pin-point vulnerable access points.
Visualise your application usage and its cost.
Report the outcomes with a detailed analysis of our findings.

Start your Network Health Check with this Cyber Threat Assessment Program

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