Understand your Network Health

Are network issues holding you back?

If your organisation is dealing with any of the following, it may be time for a network health check:

  • WAN architecture preventing or delaying digital innovation
  • Business critical applications are not performing as expected
  • Increased network operation costs
  • Wanting to migrate to the Cloud, but not sure where to start
Discover the cloud solutions

Cloud Discovery Lite gives you the following, personalised outputs, free of charge:

Cloud budget

Automated analysis of your infrastructure & forecast for Cloud running

Cloud benefits

Details the relevant business drivers in your organisation

Cloud Operating Model

Assesses cloud readiness for your business in terms of security, process, training & governance

What is a Network Health Check?

At Digital Space, we strongly believe that a healthy network is a secure network, and that the Network Health Check is the perfect way to deliver this.

A framework designed to enable businesses to quickly and easily gain insights into their network security posture, the Network Health Check offers many benefits:

  • Helps organisations build credibility and create a strong business case to choose security solutions to mitigate threats
  • The opportunity to use FortiGuard services
  • Independent 3rd party testing (Virus Bulletin, AV Comparatives and NSS Labs etc.)
  • Superior security intelligence and protection effectiveness

How it works

A comprehensive 2-week assessment is
conducted within your network to:

Identify existing threats in your network.
 Pin-point vulnerable access points.
Visualise your application usage and their cost.
Report the outcomes with a detailed analysis of our findings.
Start your health check with this Cyber Threat Assessment Program, just like: Reiss, Toolstation, Macildowie, Double Diamond Gaming and Agility Trains.

Check your Network Health today.