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The exponential growth in cloud computing has redefined networking and established software-led networking as the next natural progression of WAN from the traditional, hardware-reliant networks. Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) simplifies the management of networks and reduces your dependency on Internet service providers, enabling customers to be more agile and have better control of users and infrastructure.

Lighting up connectivity in the UK

Digital Space has one of the largest SD-WAN footprints in the UK mid-enterprise market and has a track record of successful deployments. Our SD-WAN solutions are deeply integrated with security, UC&C, applications and cloud services.
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Secure SD-WAN is Changing the Game

Find out how we are enabling change for our customers.

Secure SD-WAN accelerates cloud adoption and digital efficiency by delivering key outcomes to streamline business communications workflows.

This Downloadable flyer summarises what those outcomes are, and how you can maximise the value of Secure SD-WAN.

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Discover Secure SD-WAN

The improved functionality of SD-WAN over traditional WAN architecture
has huge benefits. But SD-WAN offers so much more than functionality.

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Outcomes of migrating to SD-WAN

  • Improve employee efficiency across the board, including customer service
  • Spend less to do more from day one
  • Manage your network more efficiently
  • Reliable security and compliance
  • Enables digital transformation as technology evolves
  • Quickly respond to changing traffic routes and resource demand

Don’t compromise on network security

Protect your data and people with SASE:
Embedded network security is now an essential component within SD-WAN deployments.

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

brings together services and principles to set the standard in ensuring networks and their users are secured regardless of location.

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Digital Space enables UK businesses to benefit from market-leading technology with success. Efficiently delivering, well optimised and right-sized secure, connected and cloud managed services to retailers, manufacturers and the public sector.

Both recognised in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for their technology and ability, Fortinet and Cisco are leading the market in networking for the innovation of SD-WAN technology.


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