Time to Transition from VMware to Native Cloud

Time to Transition from VMware to Native Cloud

  • Written by: Jon Portlock, Cloud Services Director
  • 24th June 2024


The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom and the cessation of VMware service sales through AWS have introduced significant uncertainty and potential cost increases for organisations.

The recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom and the subsequent halt in VMware service sales through AWS marks a significant turning point for many organisations. This shift introduces uncertainty, potential cost increases, and added risks for numerous customers. In today’s challenging business environment, managing budgets is already difficult, and these changes are unwelcome. If you’re looking to explore native cloud options and access potential funding to facilitate your transition, we can assist you.

Digital Space has a proven track record of helping customers migrate to the cloud swiftly and efficiently. As an AWS Cloud partner, we can secure substantial funding to reduce the costs of your migration. We’re uniquely positioned to train your teams in the new skills required to manage your cloud environment. Additionally, we offer interim managed services until your team is ready to take over.

We’ve already done much of the preparatory work by configuring a Cloud Landing Zone that includes essential elements such as monitoring and security from day one. Post-migration, our dedicated FinOps team will help you manage costs effectively.

We utilise native cloud tools to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption. We can also migrate and optimise legacy applications in the cloud.

How to get started

We offer a funded service called Discovery Lite, which assesses your on-premises or data centre VMware environment in less than seven days. We’ll help you evaluate your server estate, size it appropriately for the cloud, and build a compelling business case for the transition. We also explore alternative cloud solutions to enhance your estate, reduce licensing costs, improve resilience, and simplify management.

Why Migrate to AWS Native Services with Digital Space?

Enhanced Cost Efficiency

Migrating to AWS native solutions can lead to significant cost savings, especially if your current estate is outdated, oversized, or over-licensed. Moreover, the cost of maintaining your VMware platform may continue to rise.

Rapid Assessment and Estimation

We can initiate a rapid assessment within 24 hours. Over approximately seven days, we capture data to accurately size your target environment. We’ll also review funding programs and offer a fixed-cost migration approach if needed, enabling you to make quick, informed decisions for a smooth transition.

Tailored Solutions

We recognize that each customer’s needs are unique. We collaborate with you to understand your environment and applications, planning an agile migration approach. This iterative process ensures an efficient and effective cloud platform tailored to your requirements.

Proven Migration Approach

Our migration approach has been successful for many customers, consistently receiving high satisfaction scores. We work with you to define a budgeting approach that aligns with your organization’s needs, considering factors such as Capex vs. Opex preferences and commitment lengths. Public sector organisations can also benefit from our assistance in accessing sector-specific discounts.

Most importantly, we develop a high-level design infrastructure and cost projection for your new cloud environment.

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