• Digital Space has set ambitious carbon reduction targets and aligned with SBTi to reduce emissions by 42% by 2030, and has committed to achieving Net Zero by 2035, 15 years ahead of government targets.
  • We support our clients to reduce their own emissions through highly efficient cloud-based computing and the re-use that is inherent in SD-WAN.
  • We partner to offer our customers fully recycled laptops, and produce minimal waste across our own operations.
  • The Social Value Portal (SVP) translates the value of organisations’ contributions to society into a financial figure. Our contribution for 2021 was assessed as £406,830.
  • Each year, the team at Digital Space chooses a charity to support through fundraising activities and initiatives.

We’ve provided more detail on each of the ESG areas below and you can read further detail in this report on our ESG work by Sustainable Advantage.


We hold ISO14001 and are working to reduce our environmental impact. Our main impact on the environment is through using electricity in our data centres and offices. We moved to 100% renewable electricity in June 2022 and already have a good Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) score in our data centres, we are working to define and implement projects that will improve the efficiency of those data centres and have published a Carbon Reduction Plan that sets a net zero target of 2035. We are measuring the wider emissions that our activities create and are working with our customers to reduce their emissions.

We produce relatively little waste and are working with partners to recycle more.


Our Head Office is in Newark which is one of the worst local authorities in the country for social mobility. By providing jobs and training in digital skills there, we have a positive impact on society. We also create apprenticeships and have a learning and development plan that improves the skills of our staff. We measure staff engagement through weekly quick surveys and have staff champions and CEO breakfasts that provide ways for staff to share ideas with our Exec. We provide time for staff to volunteer and choose and support a charity each year.


We hold several international standards as well as Cyber Essentials, have published a number of policies to ensure that we conduct our business with care and professionalism and provide our services on procurement frameworks. We are increasingly asking our suppliers to evidence due care in the sourcing and provision of goods and services to us.

Read our ESG report for more details of our work to be more sustainable.