How Businesses are Adapting VMware’s Price Changes

How Businesses Are Adapting to VMware’s Price Changes: Real-World Case Studies

  • Written by: Jon Portlock, Cloud Services Director
  • 17th June 2024


Overall, organisations report that disruptions are making it challenging to plan for innovation and forecast operational overheads.’

In the dynamic world of IT infrastructure, VMware has been a cornerstone for businesses seeking reliable virtualisation solutions. However, with recent price adjustments, organizations are re-evaluating their strategies to maintain cost-effectiveness while leveraging VMware’s robust capabilities. Here are some real-world case studies illustrating how businesses are adapting to these changes.

Case Study 1: Optimising Resource Allocation

Company: A mid-sized financial services firm

Challenge: Rising costs of VMware licenses

Solution: The firm conducted a thorough audit of their VMware usage, identifying underutilized resources. By consolidating virtual machines (VMs) and decommissioning idle ones, they reduced the number of necessary licenses. They also transitioned some workloads to lower-cost tiers where performance demands allowed. This approach not only mitigated the impact of price increases but also enhanced overall efficiency.

Outcome: The company achieved a 20% reduction in VMware licensing costs while maintaining service quality.

Case Study 2: Leveraging Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Company: A large healthcare provider

Challenge: Increasing expenses in maintaining an on-premises VMware environment

Solution: The healthcare provider adopted a hybrid cloud strategy, shifting non-critical applications to a public cloud while retaining essential services on-premises. They utilized VMware Cloud on AWS, which provided seamless integration with their existing infrastructure and flexible payment options, helping to balance costs against operational needs.

Outcome: This hybrid approach resulted in a 15% cost saving and improved scalability for future growth.

Case Study 3: Implementing Open-Source Alternatives

Company: A tech startup specializing in AI

Challenge: Budget constraints due to rising VMware costs

Solution: The startup explored open-source virtualisation solutions like Proxmox and KVM as alternatives to VMware for certain applications. They ran pilot programs to ensure compatibility and performance met their requirements. This selective adoption allowed them to reduce reliance on VMware without compromising on quality for critical applications.

Outcome: They cut their virtualisation expenses by 30%, reallocating funds to other strategic initiatives.

What can you do next?

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