Exclusively for Channel Partners, Digital Space Wholesale has empowered resellers to provide next-generation telephony, connectivity, and technology solutions for over 10 years.

vertex, Our complete digital wholesale solution is tailored to enhance the experience of the end user while enabling the reseller to efficiently control, manage and market their business using a single Channel Partner platform.

vertex Capabilities


The customer-facing platform to control and manage your telephony services.


Introduce variety into your product portfolio with next-generation network connectivity solutions.


Provide end users with complete IT equipment solutions by choosing from over 140,000 products at competitive prices.

The Value of vertex:

Managing customers is easier and less time-consuming
vertexHUB - the customer managment platform

Offer IT equipment and technology at competitive prices quickly, without scouring the internet


Enabling channel partners to offer a direct PSTN Switch-off solution to their customers


Increase productivity with call analytics, recording, and transcription.


Reduce set-up times with auto-provisioning.

Stand out from competitors by offering advanced call analytics and recording capabilities

    vertexHUB - the customer managment platform

    The Customer Management Platform for Channel Partners

    Customer Order Management

    Monitor, and receive updates on your customers' vertex orders in one place.

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    Connectivity Availability Checker

    Provide customers with the best broadband for their budget and location.

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    White Label your Product Guides

    White-label product guides and documents to market your own brand.

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    Onward Billing

    Simplify your customer management with onward billing.

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