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At Digital Space, we work closely with our partners to build long-term relationships and help them deliver progressive solutions to their customers.


We have established an agile portfolio that enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions for our customers.


We are proud to collaborate with leading vendors and pride ourselves on reaching high-level partnership status.


We work closely with our vendors to develop a resilient service offering that evolves with market demands.

Our vendor partnerships

Our excellent strategic vendor partnerships enable us to provide a comprehensive range of business-enabling solutions and resources, which drives business results.

Value for money

Our vendors are as committed as us to achieving business-driven results for our customers, at cost-effective prices. They work with us every step of the way, continually identifying areas where customers can save money.

Unrivalled expertise and resources

Our strategic vendor partnerships mean we can tap into an unlimited pool of resources and expertise, helping businesses to plan digital strategies and make important business decisions.

The best of the best in technology

We only partner with the best. Our vendor partnerships enable us to provide customers with world-class IT solutions, that provides expert connectivity, productivity and security capabilities.

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