What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) unifies security across Clouds, Data Centres and Users reducing the complexity of operating in a dynamic, digital and hybrid landscape.

How is SASE used?

Managing SASE is designed to be simple. By converging multiple connectivity and security capabilities, your SASE solution is managed from a single centre of control, to build a complete Secure SD-WAN solution.

What does SASE do?

  • Inspects that internet-based traffic meets security criteria, blocking access for malicious entry attempts
  • Never trusts and always verifies traffic. Qualifying devices before granting access
  • Introduces a cloud-based security policy enforcement point, that identifies unsanctioned network usage
  • Shields network users from accessing suspicious destinations
  • Implements network-level intrusion prevention, protecting your network from non internet-based traffic
  • Offers a more flexible and cloud-native alternative to traditional VPNs that align with today's dynamic workforce and distributed applications

Start your Journey

The first step to a successful adopting of Secure SD-WAN, is by understanding your current network.

This Network Health Check will assess the security and usage of your network. We will provide you with a single report, and help your plan your project.

Network Health Check

When is SASE most impactful?

SASE will proactively protect and defend your network throughout your networks lifetime, but there are critical opportunities for SASE will deliver the most impact.

Remote working

Keeping remote employees connected and productive, without risk of exposure to cyber threats.

IT Productivity

Reducing the time spent managing individual services, scaling your managed service to suit and accessing all SASE capabilities on a single platform.

PSTN Switch-Off

Traditional public networks are being discontinues, leaving a question about how to stay connected. Software defined networks (SDNs) connect using the cloud, by-passing hardware and copper lined completely.

Security modernisation

When planning for a more secure IT environment, SASE can reduce significant risk across cloud, data centres and users in a single solution, even from scratch.

Unprotected SD-WAN

Alone, SD-WAN has limited network security. SASE can ‘bolt-on’ and protect your existing network .

Revolutionising Connectivity with Secure SD-WAN

Secure SD-WAN is a innovative alternative to traditional networks and security measures. But how does it innovate?

Speed up

SD-WAN Doesn’t rely on hardware or copper lines, providing faster connectivity, from anywhere.


Consolidate a range of cloud security technologies into a single solution. Reliably protect your network using a single control platform.


Optimise your Network security estate that directly protects targeted threats with overlaps to reduce wasted expense.

Enabling Change for Motor Fuel Group

“There are many IT experts out there that are incredibly capable, but they cannot cover the whole spectrum of technology, which is why we need the deep specialists to achieve the real productivity gains.”

Paresh Patel
IT Director, Motor Fuel Group

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