Space to increase efficiency for operators and provide a better experience for patients.

Digital Space worked with NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (MLCSU) to modernise its Referrals Management Service (RMS), which handles a large volume of patient referrals from Clinical Commissioning Groups and GPs in the North West of England.

This included deploying an Automated Dialler, an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled telephony voice assistant. The solution, built using the Amazon Connect, helps MLCSU’s helps call operators to work more efficiently by automatically dialling all outbound calls and making initial contact with patients. In addition, it gives patients the option to be automatically connected to a live operator at no cost to them.

The new Cloud-based system has given the Referral Management Service a level of business agility, enabling it to enhance its contact methods to suit patient needs. With increased efficiencies the department is able to concentrate its efforts on other incoming calls, harnessing the team’s experience to work with patients and ensure they are quickly directed to the right service for their healthcare needs.

Case study: Download now Case study: Download now

Automated Dialler

built using the Amazon Connect cloud telephony platform

94% reduction

in time taken to make outbound calls

Reduced costs

Improved processes and reduction of mailers issued to patients

Increased efficiencies

improved scalability

The automated assistant is driving a lot of efficiency for our call operators and helping to maintain staff satisfaction. Digital Space has become our go-to partner for voice automation and due to the project’s success, we have a long list of projects we plan to automate.

Priyantha Jayawardane Deputy Director at the Digital Innovation Unit