All you need to know about the Well-Architected review

Build fast with Cloud

Cloud lets you build fast and evolves continuously, so it’s useful to review what you build to ensure that it follows best practice.
Free review of your architecture

Our experts will review your architecture and suggest improvements which, if made, can gain you up to $5,000 in credits from AWS
Well-Architected process

Step One

Our experts meet with your team to understand your workloads, identify stakeholders and what your priorities are against the 6 pillars (see table below).

Step Two

You give us read-only access to your infrastructure (don’t worry, our experts are government Security Cleared and we will put an NDA in place) so that we can check how things are configured.

Step Three

We will take you through the review process and framework questions at a pace that suits you and your team.

Step Four

We will run a workshop with you to discuss our report and present risks, areas of improvement and any other findings we have. We can also agree where you want to make changes.

Step Five

We can implement changes for you or guide your staff.

Step Six

We will help you request up to $5,000 in credits from AWS

What areas does a review consider?
Operational Excellence How you run your environment day to day and improve it over time
SecurityHow to make best use of Cloud services to protect your data and systems 
ReliabilityHow to consistently run workloads in changing environments 
Performance Efficiency How to be efficient in running workloads now and as things change 
Cost Optimization How to ensure that you’re getting good value 
SustainabilityHow to be efficient in using energy and reduce carbon emissions 
Why choose Digital Space?
Operational experience

We have run workloads on the Cloud for > 10 years and have been an audited Managed Service Partner for > 7 years.

You can benefit from our experience in designing and running services effectively.

Security expertise

We have run Cloud workloads that form part of critical national infrastructure for > 7 years and security is at the heart of our ‘secure, connected, cloud’ focus as Digital Space.

We have deep experience in this area.

Cost optimisation

We have accredited FinOps staff who focus solely on cost optimisation and are available to discuss how best to make savings in this area.


As a company, we have set aggressive carbon reduction and net zero targets and are keen to work with our customers to help them become more sustainable. Reducing energy usage is a key issue at the moment as prices continue to rise.

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