Digital Space Christmas Change Freeze 2023

Digital Space Christmas Change Freeze 2023 

The services that we provide are in high demand leading up to Christmas and over the New Year, so we want to ensure that they will continue to operate as expected, without interruption. 

That’s why we won’t be making any changes to our shared platform during that period. By doing this, we are reducing the risk of unexpected outages to as low as possible, ensuring you can continue to trade without worry or simply have a peaceful break with family and friends. 

We have scheduled the following change freeze which will take effect on Monday 11 December, through to Tuesday 2 January 2024. 

There will be Medium and High levels of change freeze, which are detailed within the Change Risks section of our Change Management Policy. 

Monday 11 December to Friday 15 December inclusive 

During this period, we will be operating a partial freeze (Medium Level) which will be reflected in the following way. 

  • Low risk changes can be performed as usual 
  • No moderate or high-risk changes can be made 
  • Emergency changes to resolve major service outages are permitted 

Saturday 16 December to Monday 1 January inclusive 

To ensure that critical services are appropriately protected over the key festive dates, we will be operating a complete change freeze (High Level) during this time. 

This means that no standard or normal changes can be made, and any emergency changes to resolve major service outages will go through an enhanced approval process. 

From Tuesday 2 January  

Changes will be processed as normal. 

If you require further assistance or have queries relating to the Christmas change freeze, please contact our Network Operation Centre on 0330 3339900, by selecting option 1. 

We appreciate your understanding during this freeze, and hope you enjoy your Christmas and New Year with family and friends. 

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