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Are businesses maximising the value of Cloud?


The only constant in the world is change. While many changes are minor, others are so seismic and universal that it propels transformation at a rate never experienced before.

COVID-19 is a recent example and while most business leaders have been frustrated with its persistence, there is no denying that the global pandemic has created a true catalyst for change, particularly in how organisations operate and in their widespread adoption of cloud and progressive technologies.

In early 2021, Digital Space surveyed nearly 1,000 senior representatives from Corporate Enterprise organisations across the UK on the impact the current pandemic has had on their business and, more importantly, what changes have been implemented as a result.

Our findings were incredibly interesting and although confirm a widespread adoption of new technologies, reveal a disconnect in organisations understanding the role such technologies can play in establishing resilience and supporting long-term growth.

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Widespread investment in new technologies

A massive 77% of businesses confirmed they introduced new technologies throughout their organisation during 2020.

As a result, organisations have transformed how they operate. Where the introduction of new cloud-based infrastructure has created a 24/7 ‘always on’ work environment that enables employees to access what they want, when they need it – outside of conventional working hours and the parameters of office walls.


Technology and resilience

However, despite over 68% of organisations confirming that the pandemic has changed how they operate long-term, just 35% of respondents believe that having the right IT solutions and infrastructure in place is fundamental to business survival.

This disconnect emphasises the need for businesses to understand that progressive digital solutions aren’t just there to create temporary remote workspaces, but to change how they operate long-term – aligning people, process and technology to drive resilience and growth.

Therefore, it’s clear that although increasing numbers of businesses have ‘moved’ to the cloud, they haven’t maximised the value of being ‘in the cloud’ – particularly when it comes to recovery agendas.

One such solution is in data-driven transformation, which empowers organisations with a transparent dataset to assess key areas of the business and enable them to make decisions that will improve workflow, enhance customer experience and accelerate growth.

Ultimately, the mass and continued shift to the cloud is promising, but businesses will only understand and appreciate its true value if they utilise it in the right way, with the right data to enable meaningful and consistent change.



The Digital Space Insights Report, ‘Beyond Tomorrow Today’, explores the catalyst of COVID-19 in more detail, and more importantly, assesses the role cloud, digital solutions and the right IT partner will play in enabling businesses to keep pace with change as technology, industry and the world continues to evolve.


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