CyberQ Group guest blog: Staying secure in today’s digital age

Cyberattacks have increased, and for every industry, organisation, and employee, it’s not a matter of if but when. But, with so much misinformation saturating the security marketplace, how do you ascertain the best cyber security for your business?

CyberQ Group is one of the industry’s most advanced cyber solution providers and we are proud to have partnered with them to deliver world-class cyber solutions to customers. We recently sat down with their Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Hadley to discuss steps organisations can take to ensure they have the right cyber security plan in place to reduce risk.

Learn that your organisation is unique

In today’s digital age, we are surrounding by large quantities of information around cyber security and nearly every week, we hear news about another organisation that has experienced a cyberattack. While we can learn from these stories, organisations need to learn that not every scenario is the same and there is no one solution fits all scenario. That are many ways in which your business, no matter how big or small, can be attacked, from malicious ransomware to an employee opening an unsolicited email. Every business is different, every business has challenges, and every business is multi-layered in its requirements, needing tailored solutions unique to them.

Both Digital Space and CyberQ Group have security experts on hand to assess your security landscape, discover your areas of risk and advise on the best route of action.

Improve your cyber hygiene

Have you done a Penetration (PEN) Test? How about a Vulnerability Scan? Before you embark on your cyber security journey, assessing your cyber hygiene will address your vulnerability issues and evaluate your network, software, and applications. Cyber hygiene, whether it be through PEN, a form of ethical hacking, or a vulnerability scan, is essential for maintaining the digital health of your organisation and its users.

However, where organisations often fall short is how they react to the findings. It is important to make improvements where required straight away, and then schedule cyber hygiene reviews on a regular basis to ensure systems stay secure and up to date.

Understand cyber security needs to be the foundation

Many organisations have found themselves pivoting to emerging technologies since the start of Covid-19, for instance businesses migrated to the cloud to support working from home activity and retailers moved to e-commerce to sell goods. However, any form of digital transformation opens up further opportunities for attack and businesses might place themselves at risk if they do not consider cyber security from the start.

Cyber security needs to be the foundation of everything an organisation does. If digital transformation plans are considered, businesses must question what risks this will open up? What cyber security will they need to consider? Where does it fit into the overall budget? Making these considerations from the start is critical for reducing risk and an end-to-end service provider like Digital Space can help you assess these requirements.

Support the supply chain

The pressure from enterprises to ensure that their supply chain adheres to certain standards is shifting now. As the level of risk continues to increase, we are going to see more suppliers having to demonstrate that they are compliant such as adhering to CREST or ISO security standards. Many will also be required to show they are continually managing their network for cyber threats through a 24/7 managed service.

By adhering to these demands and demonstrating high security credentials, it will be these suppliers that will gain the advantage over their competitors.

Educate your employees

At the start of first Covid-19 lockdown, cyberattacks increased substantially as employees were now working from home and not recognising the risks this posed. Some employees were connected to public, unsecure networks while others opened links and attachments that were not deemed safe.

Education around cyber security is therefore vital. It needs to start at the top within senior management and work its way down so every employee is knowledgeable of threats and how they could be targeted.

Utilise the end-to-end process

Once the cyber security solution has been put in place, it is a risk to leave it be and just assume that it is working efficiently. A breach can still happen if the software is not being monitored or managed properly. Therefore, as a final precaution, organisations need to consider a 24/7 managed service.

This can be provisioned in house or through a managed services provider and allows a dedicated team of security experts to continually monitor security devices and systems, detecting a threat as soon as it rises and taking quick, effective action.

About Digital Space and CyberQ Group’s partnership

CyberQ Group brings together global expert capabilities, experience, and technical knowledge to deliver bespoke cyber solutions to enterprise and mid-market businesses across the globe. Digital Space is currently the only managed service provider in the UK providing end to end services to have partnered with CyberQ Group.

Through the partnership, Digital Space has access to CyberQ Group’s global Security Operations Centre and is able to provide customers with fully compliant CREST and ISO 27000 managed security services and bespoke end-to-end security solutions, including Pen Testing and threat analysis.

If you wish to speak to us about your cyber security requirements, click here.

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