Major Incident Definition

In the event of an incident resulting in total service failure for multiple customers or services the Digital Space Major Incident process will be invoked.

Major Incident Team

During a Major Incident, there several key roles that are fulfilled (please note, a single individual may perform more than one role dependant on the nature of the incident):

  • Major Incident Manager
    Runs the Major Incident and is responsible for assigning people to the roles within the Major Incident Team
  • Technical Lead
    Responsible for coordinating and managing the engineers working on the technical resolution of the Major Incident
  • SLA Manager
    Responsible for the communications, documenting the timeline during a major incident and producing the incident report following confirmed resolution of the Major Incident
  • Change Manager
    Responsible for ensuring any changes are reviewed and approved as per the Digital Space Change Management process before to implementation
  • Problem Manager
    Responsible for ensuring that the service improvement opportunities are followed up within the agreed time frames as detailed in the incident report
  • Disaster Recovery Manager
    Responsible for advising on whether the business disaster recovery plan should be considered

Major Incident Communications

During a major incident, there are different levels of communication required to both progress the incident and update interested parties. All updates throughout the lifecycle of the Major Incident will be provided at least every hour, via the Status Page online and any associated customer incidents, however, the SLA Manager may invoke additional forms of communication where required. These could include but are not limited to:

  • Telephone call updates
  • Conference bridge updates

Major Incident Report

Following confirmation of resolution to a Major Incident, the SLA Manager will aim to issue the Root Cause Analysis (R.C.A) within 5 business days. Where it is not possible to release a full report, an interim report will be issued followed by the final report once the required information is available.