Space to have complete IT independence

Located in Derbyshire and owned by the Wescom Group, Wescom Defence is a world-leading pyrotechnic defence manufacturer, with an extensive military grade product range covering illumination, signaling, search and rescue, screening, training, security and high energy products.

Wescom Defence’s journey with Digital Space began in early January 2020 when the IT Team in the Derby business began planning for the divestiture of the business from the former Group entity, Chemring Group, into PE funded private ownership, PWD Group. Wescom needed to plan to totally disentangle and sever all IT ties back to the group and set up a true standalone IT environment.

Digital Space was contracted to migrate their domain AD infrastructure, build a new online environment, deploy world-class perimeter and device security, provide an off-site data backup solution and deliver resilient internet connectivity into the Derbyshire site.

Wescom Defence now has a complete resilient internet solution in place, which will allow the business to scale up and evolve for years to come as they continue their journey further into the Cloud. They are also benefitting from greater agility, security and productivity, leveraging the full Microsoft Azure and Office365 stack into their infrastructure and have firm plans for additional cloud migrations in the future.

Case study: Download now Case study: Download now

Project deployed in just four months

To meet ambitious deadlines

Complete resilient internet solution

Allowing the business to scale up and evolve

Long term IT partner

Delivering unrivalled expertise and knowledge

Greater agility, security and productivity

Through best-in-class solutions

Two years ago, Digital Space were instrumental in delivering the first major IT project on our post-enterprise journey, Chexit, the cutaway from the former Group, linked with a successful firewall migration and implementation at the time which subsequently hooked into a successful on-prem file storage migration into SharePoint Online. More lately, the integration of the Bremerhaven users into the Derby infrastructure was another successfully project completion.
The technical resources and project management skills within their various Teams are exemplary, as is their billing and account management. As we are such a small on-site IT Team of two, the SaaS delivery model is vital to us and with Digital Space, we have a most reliable, foresighted, proactive, and technically skilled business partner. They are our go-to-guys (and gals) for IT systems and services.

Peter Onyszkow, IT Manager at Wescom Defence