Who is Rebel Energy?

Rebel Energy is an energy company on a journey to create a fairer, equal and greener society. It has particular focus on ending fuel poverty. They’ve rebuilt the energy supplier from the ground up in the expectation that the domestic energy market will double by 2035. Gone are the lumbering IT systems, gone are the unfair pricing structures, gone is the uninterested customer service. Instead they have automation and technology that makes them leaner than their competitors at every stage of growth.

The challenge

As a new entrant to the energy market in 2021, Rebel had to create a suite of complex systems before they were given an operating licence. Key platform requirements for Rebel were:

  • Ability to scale with demand
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Ability for easy integration and automation
  • Ability to support multi-channel customer communication
    (phone, chat and Web self-service)

Amazon Web Services Cloud was an obvious choice for Rebel’s platform and they were keen to use Amazon Connect for their contact centre. They needed a reliable partner that was an expert in Connect and shared their passion for innovation.

Rebel chose Digital Space because of their long experience on the AWS platform; their specific competence in Amazon Connect, the AWS contact centre telephony platform; and their flexible and innovative approach.

The solution

Digital Space had built it’s own softphone on the Connect platform which added voicemail, extensions, holidays and automated customer satisfaction surveys to the basic Connect service.

They implemented a customised wallboard that supported Rebel’s KPIs

Digital Space used Amazon Contact Lens to provide call transcription and sentiment analysis which meant that Call Centre Managers were able to see in near real-time how well their staff were handling calls and step-in to avoid issues and maintain high customer satisfaction.




Amazon Connect has been a great solution for us, enabling us to scale with the market and providing great value for money. We needed a knowledgeable, responsive and innovative partner and from the start, Digital Space impressed us with their expertise and passion for driving positive outcomes in our business

Bwalya Kasase, COO, Rebel Energy