Space to deliver business continuity.

Stada is a UK chain of restaurants specialising in authentic food with Italian charm and friendly service, consisting of around 50 restaurants.

To support the strategic objectives of the Strada business going forward, Digital Space was tasked with moving Strada’s core systems away from their existing IT infrastructure and into a new cloud-based infrastructure.

Critical systems and applications supporting the ongoing day-to-day business were evaluated, and the project aimed to migrate all of these to a Windows Azure platform whilst maintaining business continuity. This included the EPOS system and the business intelligence applications to enable continued data flow from restaurant to management.

At go-live, all restaurant systems were directed to the new Azure platform, users were directed to the new desktop environment and data capture was enabled for the new EPOS system and BI reporting.

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50+ restaurants

across the UK

Cloud migration

to Windows Azure platform

Business continuity

achieved throughout migration

Six weeks

to build, test and deploy all systems