Who is Eastlight Community Homes?


Eastlight Community Homes is a pro-active housing association in the south-east of England, with over 12,000 homes

The challenge

Eastlight Community Homes faced several challenges including an aging technology infrastructure and the need for scalability to continue innovating. Rising Data Centre costs due to energy prices and flood risks, along with UK power outages, increased downtime risks despite their generators. They sought to improve application resilience and reliability while keeping cloud costs below on-premises costs, reducing licensing fees, and avoiding reliance on Microsoft. Additionally, their busy IT team struggled to migrate to the cloud while maintaining current operations.

The Results

Eastlight Community Homes achieved future-proof IT infrastructure through cloud adoption, enhancing agility and business productivity. They improved operational resilience with robust disaster recovery solutions and significantly reduced costs through licensing, VMware, and Data Centre Migration, eliminating all on-premises servers. The transition increased confidence in their IT infrastructure and contributed to sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions. Additionally, Eastlight’s IT teams continue to enhance their cloud skills and experience.




Case study: Download now Case study: Download now

At the outset of our cloud transformation journey, we explored our options. We chose Digital Space to lead our initial cloud discovery exercise, which instilled confidence and trust in their expertise and proven track record. Adopting AWS through Digital Space has significantly enhanced our data accessibility, business resilience, and security posture. This transition has empowered us with enriched data insights, promptly utilised to enhance our valued customers’ experiences. We eagerly anticipate continuing our cloud transformation journey with Digital Space.

Jon Milne, Technology Director, Eastlight Community Homes