Why are social housing regulations, like HACT, so important in digital transformation?

Since 2018, HACT and its partner, OSCRE have worked in partnership to develop inspiring social housing regulations and a new standard aimed at streamlining data processes. The impact of this work has been significant, with housing providers now having the means and capability to drive technological efficiency and innovation at every turn.

We are, of course, talking about the HACT UK Housing Data Standard, which is centred around creating the data infrastructure to enable social housing’s digital future. The standard, which is now on version 3.3, is supported by 50 leading housing associations and software companies and has been downloaded by over 400 organisations in the UK to date. It is becoming the leading standard for data digitalisation in the social housing industry.

But why are social housing regulations like HACT so important?

At Digital Space, we recognise that a standard like this is of the utmost importance across the social housing industry. Why? Because data is everywhere. It is the information provided by a tenant reporting a repair, or it is the analytics around costs, growth and services that helps organisations make real time decisions.

Data can provide organisations with better business intelligence, greater agility and cost optimisation, but it can be a minefield. By adopting the HACT standard, organisations can ensure they are adhering to necessary data guidelines and governance but also creating a bespoke digital solution that harnesses data to its best ability.

Why is an IT provider important, when adopting social housing standards?

HACT UK Housing Data Standard is now considered an industry-led model and is gaining momentum across the industry fast. Therefore, when adopting the standard as part of a digital transformation strategy, it important to work with an IT provider that is not only knowledgeable of the standard but has the expertise to help the housing association meet the necessary requirements.

What’s more, an IT provider will understand that no two social housing associations are the same. Organisations may need to adhere to one set of guidelines with HACT, but each digital journey to achieving this will be unique, as employee headcount, number of tenants, current technology and processes must all be taken into account. An IT provider, that is knowledgeable of the standard’s requirements, will be able to provide a tailored and bespoke package that ties the needs of an housing association neatly together with the standard’s recommended practices.
How we can help?

At Digital Space, our mission is simple. We strive to help organisations succeed and helping them to adhere to important social housing regulations is a significant part of our work. We are continually learning and developing our knowledge and expertise of social housing regulations to ensure we create the biggest impact and we have seen several customers benefit as a result.
As part of our mission in helping you to succeed, we have developed four key challenge areas shared by housing associations. Learn how we approach social housing regulations with security and compliance in mind. Start your journey here.

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