What is a Trusted Research Environment?

Unlocking the Power of Trusted Research Environments: powered by Digital Space and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

If you’re an organisation with a research focus, have you delved into the benefits and capabilities of a ‘Trusted Research Environment’ (TRE)?

What is a Trusted Research Environment?

Trusted Research Environments are secure and controlled environments that enable collaborative research whilst safeguarding data privacy. Providing secure access for researchers wherever they are; TREs also offer ease of use to preferred analytical tools alongside instantly scalable compute and data storage (that can be removed when new insights have been gained).

Digital Space and AWS

Digital Space worked closely with AWS to deliver an open-source TRE environment tailored to the needs of research-focused organisations, helping to drive innovations for Governments, universities, health services, charities, and any organisation with valuable data in their respective fields.

The Cloud factor?

The Cloud, particularly AWS, plays a vital role in delivering a secure and scalable environment for TREs. Digital Space leverages AWS’s robust infrastructure, which offers extensive security measures, including encryption, network controls, and data storage mechanisms. Additionally, AWS provides the flexibility to scale computing resources based on research demands, optimising costs, and performance within TREs.

These aspects, including the ability to securely access the platform from anywhere, anytime, make the Cloud perfect for research purposes. Previously, the secure benefits could be enjoyed only after laborious design and build activity but now, organisations can benefit from a TRE that brings together approved researchers, appropriately selected and redacted datasets, analytical tools and computing power.

What are the steps involved in securely providing data to researchers?

Digital Space follows a systematic approach to securely provide data to researchers within TREs. The process involves data anonymisation, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations, defining access policies based on user roles, and monitoring data access and usage. This comprehensive approach ensures that data is securely and efficiently made available to researchers for analysis.

Our expertise

Digital Space has worked closely with AWS on the development of the open-source TRE environments and is able to both implement and customise that environment for you – ensuring it works according to your organisation’s needs.

As a Managed Service Provider, we prioritise data access and security within TREs to comply with GDPR regulations. By implementing robust security measures, such as encryption, access controls, and auditing mechanisms, Digital Space ensures that data remains protected and meets the stringent requirements of GDPR. Our customers benefit from the power of secure and scalable Trusted Research Environments. Digital Space empowers researchers to test theories, find evidence and create insights faster.

To explore the extensive expertise Digital Space brings to TREs, Click here.

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