Public Sector: Top tech tips for supporting the digital citizen

The rise in modern technology means the public sector is facing new digital expectations on how it delivers public services. Today, with a computer, tablet or mobile in hand, the digital citizen wants information instantly with just a click of a button.

But how can public sector bodies successfully digitally transform to meet their service users’ needs? What IT solutions will help them deliver an effective and reliable online service?

At Digital Space, we provide our top tech tips on how public sector organisations can best adapt their IT infrastructure to meet the requirements of the modern digital citizen.

Tech tip: Amazon Web Services

When considering digital transformation, public sector bodies need to consider the UK Government’s Cloud First Policy. It details that organisations should evaluate cloud solutions first before any other option is considered across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Any public sector service needs to be underpinned by reliable cloud platforms, such as public cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS stores data and applications, enabling employees to access information from the public cloud securely. At a time of increased remote working, this ensures the digital citizen receives the same level of service, response time and communication as if public sector staff were in the office.

Public sector bodies on shoestring budgets can also benefit from AWS. This is because it is one of the most cost-effective cloud platforms on the market. Providing flexibility and scalability, the solutions enable organisations to scale up or down, based on the demand of the digital citizen and need for services.

Tech tip: Cyber security

While public cloud solutions such as AWS can protect data, accounts and workloads from unauthorised access, additional security protections are vital in reducing cyber security risk. The digital citizen has become accustomed to using an array of technology devices – mobile phones, tablets and computers – to input data, increasing the landscape for cyber criminals to access information. Public sector organisations need to put solutions in place now to protect a citizen’s data as part of GDPR law. This is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information.

Digital Space can offer public sector organisations additional advanced protection designed to protect any confidential or sensitive information. This can include managed detection and response services, phishing prevention, web security protection and multifactor authentication, all with a distributed workforce.

Tech tip: Online communication tools

Following Covid-19 lockdowns and stay at home guidelines, the digital citizen has recognised that they can communicate with public sector representatives virtually if required. Online video conferencing platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, allows organisations to maintain face-to-face contact if an appointment or session can’t be attended in person.

This has never been more prevalent than in the last few weeks and the UK’s third lockdown. Schools and teachers across the country are hosting classes virtually, so students do not miss out on vital learning. Video conferencing has reduced the number of cancelled appointments during lockdown.

Ultimately, the video tools allow organisations to carry out public services despite restrictions. This enables employees to answer queries efficiently and speed up the time to resolution during demanding periods.

Tech tip: Evolving technology

Technology is continuously changing. It is important that public sector bodies are aware of developments and changes in order to meet expectations. MSPs like Digital Space can provide consultations and give expert advice on the best solutions.

Digital Space can also monitor and review an organisation’s IT infrastructure regularly, highlighting when an upgrade may be required.

You can benefit from a free consultation with one of Digital Space’s public sector experts. Sign up today to speak to us about your digital transformation.

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