Navigating the Security Landscape: Insights from Fortinet Security Day

It has been a few weeks since the inaugural Fortinet Security Day in London on the 18th of May. During that time, I have been collating my thoughts and discussing the takeaways from the event with colleagues.

Throughout the event, various speakers shared their perspectives on the security industry and how companies are consuming security services. While it is evident that companies recognise the need to invest in security solutions for their business, many are uncertain about where to allocate their investments, the implications for their business, and the anticipated Return on Security Investment (ROSI). This can often lead to vulnerable budgets and delayed projects due to a lack of clarity and expertise.

As a Managed Service Provider, Digital Space can help address these issues by becoming trusted advisors to customers who don’t have their own deep security skills or budget to build one. In this capacity, we can assist customers in meeting immediate demands, such as defining their current security posture and helping them outline their desired goals. This may be as simple as providing a virtual CISO service or as in-depth as helping the customer consolidate their security suppliers, something that is occurring more frequently.

Both customers looking to build their own security capability and managed service providers are investing in more automated services. Capabilities like SOAR help implement automation, reduce fatigue in analysis, and enable businesses to scale without requiring extensive hiring of analysts. Further automation and AI-based activities will emerge in the future to help organisations quickly respond to threats.

In conclusion, when considering security solutions, it is important to categorise them into three categories: Preventative, Reactive, and Proactive. Organisations will require a combination of these categories when developing their network to ensure comprehensive security and preparedness against cyber threats.

As an industry, it is essential to shift our approach away from fear tactics when engaging with customers about security. Instead, we should foster open and honest conversations that enable them to understand the significance of investing in security and its potential benefits for their business.

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