How Can 5G Benefit Your Business?

What is 5G?

Now and then, a technology innovation arrives that changes everyday life and the pace of business. In previous cases, it has been a product like the iPhone, an engine like google, or the 1884 copper infrastructure. In this case, however, it is 5G, a tool in connectivity.

This new technology delivers connectivity with virtually no waiting time for the end-user. Its predecessor, 4G, can only connect a 10th of the number of devices that 5G can. At a low of one millisecond, it is safe to say the reaction time achieved by 5G is astonishing. 5G will allow up to 20 Gigabits per second download speeds. In comparison, 4G only achieves 100 to 300 Megabits per second, highlighting the leap forward in connectivity.

How does 5G work?

This technology utilises new Sub 6 radio technology and even higher band frequencies between 24GHz and 86GHz. It enables more data, and it simply provides unprecedented levels of performance. It is also vital to note the benefits of 5G in terms of the Internet of Things (IoT).

More devices are connected and communicating with each other, whether it is self-driving cars, motorways, or even fridges and doorbells. This synergy will increase with the development of 5G. This means the innovation of 5G comes with the need for 5G radio-equipped devices that are ready to connect.

Benefits of 5G for businesses

The question is, what does all this mean for your business, and what can you expect to gain from 5G. Here are six of the many benefits that come with this new tech:

1. Future proof

Successful businesses understand the importance of adaptation and innovation. Preparing for 5G while it is still in its infancy will allow you to gain competitive advantage over your competitors in the market, as you will be equipped to provide your employees and customers with greater connectivity, productivity and security.

2. Drastically improved speeds

As more businesses look to a hybrid way of working, higher response speeds mean that employees stay better connected anytime and anywhere, creating an environment for employees to be more productive.

3. IoT support

In the UK, there’s now an average of 25 IoT devices per home. It is a new way to connect with customers and to drive customer experience, by providing faster network speeds and data support. Any data on customers from IoT devices serves as an advantage over competitors.

4. Reduced costs

Due to the accessibility, flexibility and scalability of 5G, businesses will see their network costs reduced. For example, online collaboration will rule out transportation when employees are working remotely, and greater productivity and connectivity will reduce workloads and time spent.

5. New business opportunities

New technology brings innovation and an influx of business opportunities. In the manufacturing industry, it helps increase the performance of automation and data exchange as part of Industry 4.0, while in the retail industry, it helps to provide a better omni-channel experience for shoppers, by integrating physical and virtual retail environments. New business opportunities like this will appear across the board, all facilitated by 5G technology.

6. Replacement for the PSTN Switch-Off

The Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) is aging and will reach the end of life in December 2025. Every phone will be switched to an internet-based connection and 5G will, for some businesses operating on these lines, become a viable replacement for ensuring high-performing mobile connectivity,

Digital Space, our customers & 5G.

We are already seeing significant level of change in many sectors due to advancements in connectivity, from the PSTN Switch Off to 5G the time to act is now. Working closely with our 5G vendor partner, Pangea, Digital Space is taking steps to ensure our customers are informed and equipped supporting them on their digital transformation journey, from early stages of 5G deployment to managed service support.

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