Ensuring effective customer service in manufacturing

The continuous advancement in technology, combined with higher customer expectations, has resulted in a very different customer service landscape for manufacturers today.

Customers are now more digital savvy, with mobile connectivity at their fingertips, changing how they choose to consume information and communicate with contact call centres.

No longer is a simple telephone call to a customer enough, manufacturers need to be considering an omni-channel experience where they can communicate and manage customer queries, via several digital platforms, including social media, live web chat and even video calls.

What’s more, the world of manufacturing is fast paced. Customer service teams have to respond quickly via each digital channel, to ensure queries are dealt with efficiently and orders are fulfilled and shipped on time, without issue.

How do you provide an omni-channel experience?

UC&C is key to ensuring a successful omni-channel experience. Telephony solutions can provide a single platform on which customer service teams can make or receive calls, access social media requests or communicate via a web-based live chat.

These solutions can also collect, store and analyse all information supplied via one single platform. This means that when a portal query is followed up on, the employee will already have all the information regarding that customer to hand. Furthermore, all correspondence with the customer can be updated straight away, so if another employee needs to follow up on previous conversations or make subsequent communication, all the information is readily available.

Why is a UC&C platform beneficial to manufacturers and its customers?

A manufacturing business is complex, but a telephony solution can be integrated with every department of the business. This allows customer service teams to easily see progress of shipments, planning updates as well as financial data.

A reliable and flexible telephony solution also enables customer queries to be answered quicker and easier, helping to reduce wait and response times. At a time, when manufacturing businesses are seeing increased demand and pressures, this will help free up staff time, enabling them to be more productive and give more time resolving complex requests.

But what is the right UC&C solution?

With the right solution in place, the manufacturer is in a stronger position to guarantee customer satisfaction. At Digital Space, we work with expert UC&C vendors to offer telephony solutions that drive business results.

8×8 cloud platform

A new partner of Digital Space’s, 8×8 and its global cloud platform currently boasts 1m users across 120 countries. In addition to providing voice, video, chat, contact centre, and enterprise-class API solutions for CRM via one single platform, it is renowned for its seamless integration of Microsoft Teams and Contact Centre as a Service model. The cloud platform is the next generation of UC&C solutions, helping businesses and their contact centres to positively transform how and where they communicate.

Amazon Connect

Designed from the ground up to be omnichannel, Amazon Connect provides a seamless experience across voice and chat for customers and agents. The solution provides task management, powerful real-time and historical analytics, and intuitive management tools all with pay-as-you-go pricing, which means a manufacture can scale the tool up or down as demand changes.

Mitel MiCloud Flex

MiCloud Flex is purpose-built communications platform designed to provide a unique experience, both internally and for customers. It delivers a complete solution in the cloud to enable unified, scalable and mobile communications to anyone, anywhere and on any device, while also promising reliability, security and scalability.

Microsoft Teams Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a modern cloud-based telephony solution that integrates into Office 365. It simplifies communications by unifying calling with chat and meetings in Microsoft Teams. Utilising an enterprise-grade phone system, customer service teams will benefit from a reliable and secure calling platform delivered over Microsoft’s trusted cloud.

By utilising these technologies now, customer service can become a core part of any manufacturing business and can even be a key for success. After receiving excellent service, customers recommend businesses and they return again and again, helping to increase profit, real-time value and reputation in the market.

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