Utilising 5G to gain more for your business whilst improving your sustainability!

The fifth-generation mobile network technology, 5G, will advance IoT innovations, connecting everything from machines, objects and devices. This new highspeed, low-latency connectivity will bring forward a new era of extremely reliable and highly personalised experiences that will change industries and our day-to-day realities.

How does it work?

With virtually no waiting times, this new tool will deliver connectivity via new Sub 6 radio technology and higher band frequencies between 24GHz and 86GHz, enabling unparalleled levels of performance and more data. In short, 5G helps to lay the foundation and more devices will connect and communicate, from self-driving cars, motorways, digital cities and even doorbells.

What are the benefits to your organisation?

Along with being a suitable PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) replacement, sustainability, efficiency, high data speeds and exceptional network reliability, will be amongst the long list of benefits for your business to take advantage of while positioning for success.

Smart factories will utilise 5G to increase operational productivity and precision, while in the retail industry, a better omni-channel experience for shoppers will be facilitated by integrating physical and virtual retail environments. In the office space, the hybrid way of working means businesses and employees will stay evermore connected, flexibly and from anywhere anytime. This will enable high levels of productivity whilst reducing network costs, due to the accessibility, flexibility and scalability of 5G.

  • Grow and succeed in a more dynamic market
  • ‘Future proof’ your organisation
  • Improve customer experience
  • Address the looming PSTN switch off

Working with an MSP like Digital Space

As 5G rapidly develops, we will see various new solutions and opportunities for improvement and at Digital Space, we are helping our customers by ensuring they are informed and equipped to succeed with a well-tailored service. We support you on your digital transformation journey, from the earliest stages of 5G deployment to managed service support.

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