Circular Computing Guest Blog: Re‑thinking sustainability in IT

Over the last 50 years, the human population has more than doubled from 3.1 billion people in 1971 to seven billion people in 2022. The strain on the planet is increasing consistently, and amongst other things, mankind’s habit of disposal only further escalates the drain on resources.

So, is there a solution that is both profitable and sustainable for your business?

At Circular Computing, our answer is remanufacturing. This is a way of supplying products from a remanufactured source that provides performance ‘equal to or better than new’ as required by the BS standard BS8887-220 and BS8887-221.

We are a strategic vendor partner of Digital Space and recently became the first company worldwide to be awarded a BSI Kitemark for remanufacturing carbon-neutral laptop products. For us, ‘equal to or better than new’ does not only mean a cosmetically improved finish but an intense focus on performance and reliability through our Circular Remanufacturing Process that goes above and beyond the norm. The Kitemark takes away any perceived risk of buying remanufactured laptop.

Our partnership

The central focus of our combined vision with Digital Space is customers. Our goal is to provide real win-win sustainable services and solutions that benefit your corporate social responsibilities (CSR) whilst being profitable.

Seeing is believing, so we have a process through which our customers can acquire a sample machine to demonstrate user experience before qualifying specific needs for a bespoke order.

Thinking differently

Circular Computing is the first to market, and we have heavily invested in a remanufacturing facility and a process that includes over 300 steps from the receipt of the product, its disassembling, reproduction, to quality control. The process ensures that customers can have absolute confidence in a quality that is equal to or better than the original products produced as verified by the British Standards Institute. This quality is committed to whether 5 or 5,000 laptops are bought, no compromises.

At the current rate, scientists believe we will need two and a half times the planet to feed our habit of disposal. So, instead of waiting for the supply chain to right itself, we believe the only viable solution from a commercial standpoint is to explore the options and create an environment that has a sustainable supply. The alternative is potentially no supply due to stock and resource shortages.

Benefiting our customers

This solution not only provides a way to a more sustainable, profitable future, but it also increases cost efficiency and productivity.
By defining your hardware needs based on actual need rather than the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), our customers can appeal to the true needs of the business and take control of their IT strategy instead of potentially over specifying their procurement.

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