Press Release: Digital Space signs strategic collaboration agreement with AWS

Digital Space Signs Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS to Accelerate Cloud Business Revenues by Christmas 2026

Digital Space (DS), a leading Secure, Connected Cloud Managed Service Provider, today announced that it has signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Building upon a well-established and already successful relationship between DS and AWS, this SCA will further expand DS’ reach and capability helping customers to modernise applications, maximise data insights, and enhance customer experience through a combination of AWS’s services and DS’ expertise.

The agreement establishes an even closer commitment in DS’s Cloud Practice to accelerate cloud revenues over the next three years by focusing on: 

  • Migrating and modernising customer applications to deliver greater agility, automation, scalability, resilience, and security. DS will use its DevOps experience with AWS services to re-platform applications helping to reduce licensing costs, improve performance and unlock innovative new cloud services.
  • Gathering and analysing data to unlock new insights and enable Artificial Intelligence (AI). DS will leverage AWS technology to develop and deploy further data management and analytic solutions to help organisations capitalise on the revenue generating potential of data. This will span industry sectors to understand key use cases, proof of value demonstrations and deploying AI to automate event responses or add further data enriched context to support decision-making. 
  • Integrating unified communications with applications and data to drive better outcomes. This will build on DS’s track-record of innovation and automation with Amazon Connect, the multi-channel cloud contact centre. 

Neil Muller, CEO at DS commented: Cloud has always been about democratising access to great services so that nimble companies can punch above their weight, DS can now do this for the UK mid-market through our Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS.  

Tim Lancaster, MD for Cloud & Sustainability at DS added: AWS and DS share customer obsession; I look forward to seeing what our collaboration and expertise can achieve. 

Jon Portlock, Cloud Business Director at DS added: This truly is an exciting time for DS’s ongoing collaboration with AWS. I am delighted we have the opportunity to capitalise on our deep cloud experience, combining it with the breadth and scale of AWS to create further exciting and innovative customer solutions to help organisations differentiate in a competitive landscape. 

Jon Milne, Technology Director at Eastlight Community Homes stated: At the outset of our cloud transformation journey, we explored various options. We chose DS to lead our initial cloud discovery exercise, which instilled confidence and trust in their expertise and proven track record. Adopting AWS through DS has significantly enhanced our data accessibility, business resilience, and security posture. This transition has empowered us with enriched data insights, promptly utilised to enhance our valued customers’ experiences. We eagerly anticipate continuing our cloud transformation journey with DS. 

About Digital Space 

Digital Space provides comprehensive and integrated connectivity, security, and hybrid cloud managed services, underpinned by its own network operations centre, 100Gb core network and multiple datacentres. Digital Space works with mid-enterprise organisations (in both the private and public sector) to enhance their operational workflows and accelerate growth through digital transformation.  

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