Cloud Discovery Lite

What is it?

Cloud discovery lite is a free cloud solution that assess your cloud readiness and identifies the opportunities for organisations to move workloads to the cloud increasing agility and cost effectiveness. The audit provides an agnostic view of technology options, identifying their potential benefits, balanced with a realistic assessment of the suitability of private or public cloud platforms, or remaining in their current environment.

Discover the cloud solutions

Cloud Discovery Lite gives you the following, personalised outputs, free of charge:

Cloud budget

Automated analysis of your infrastructure & forecast for Cloud running

Cloud benefits

Details the relevant business drivers in your organisation

Cloud Operating Model

Assesses cloud readiness for your business in terms of security, process, training & governance

What do I need to provide?

2-4 hours from your IT Infrastructure Team to help us gather data and 2-4 hours with your key stakeholders attending our online workshop where we will explore the Cloud Operating Model and benefits with you.

Why us?

Digital Space has more than 10 years’ experience in moving organisations to the Cloud and helping them to gain its benefits.

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