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It may surprise you that more Microsoft Windows workloads run on AWS cloud than on Azure.

Many organisations run applications on Microsoft Windows Server technologies, enabling their business processes and providing core services. Moving these workloads to AWS can increase flexibility whilst reducing cost. However, organisations need to be sure that moving these workloads to AWS will improve performance, security and resilience.

As an EC2 for Windows Service Delivery Partner (SDP), we have been verified by AWS for the necessary expertise, capabilities and experience to help you address any concerns and questions you have, as well as deliver your workload migration ensuring that your Windows server applications and workloads 'fly in the cloud'.

2x Faster performance than other leading competitive SQL server providers

2x More countries with multiple availability zones than other leading cloud providers

5x More services offering encryption than other leading competitors

36% of cloud spend saved by right-sizing services using Migration Evaluator.

 Database Modernisation

Moving from Microsoft SQL Server to AWS Aurora delivers dramatically higher performance at a fraction of the cost. What's more, Aurora is fully managed, so you don’t need to worry about database management tasks such as software patching, hardware provisioning, setup, or backups.

Optimise Licensing

Microsoft's revenue stream is derived from licensing, which explains their focus on upgrading to the most recent version and the requirement for license auditing. AWS, like the Amazon shop, has a different revenue model so they're happy to help you minimise and manage licensing costs by running Microsoft SQLServer on Linux, offering BYOL, letting you run the old versions that your legacy applications require and keeping track of everything through AWS License Manager.

Digital Space understands the many ways in which you can optimise your Microsoft licensing and can provide a free Optimisation Licensing Assessment (OLA) to review your licensing and show you how you can make savings by moving to AWS - helping you to get the most value.

Optimise Windows Workloads

AWS provides effective services to visualise, understand and manage your AWS usage helping you optimise costs and make the most of open-source services to further reduce your commercial licensing costs. Additionally, Digital Space provides free FinOps expertise to help you manage and align business usage with an effective licensing strategy.

Application Modernisation

AWS provides a range of .NET, container and serverless compute offerings to help you modernise your Windows workloads. With the help of these services, you can reduce the complexity and cost of migrating to AWS cloud whilst transforming your Windows workloads and the business services that run on them.

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