Space to support organic growth.

PIB Group (PIB) is a dynamic insurance intermediary group aiming to create a leading position in the provision of specialist insurance solutions across the UK market.

Due to PIB’s rapid and growing acquisition strategy, AWS WorkSpaces helps provide the insurance group with a consistent set of secure applications for its employees, across different devices and UK offices.

PIB chose Digital Space to take over the provision of AWS services due to its significant experience with WorkSpaces and delivering secure application hosting environments for central government. PIB wanted a partner that would grow with the business, be innovative in its use of technology, and proactive in reducing costs.

The new solution brought excellent benefits for PIB. Because WorkSpace applications are kept up-to-date, security, which is always an issue for financial services firms, can be more easily maintained and issues can be resolved rapidly. In addition, it is now very easy for PIB to add users and to control both the types of WorkSpaces that they have and the applications that are installed on them.

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AWS Workspaces

Deployed to 1,000 desktops

Better Security

Issues can be resolved quickly

Proactive Management

Helping to keep costs as low as possible


provides a consistent set of services

The Amazon WorkSpaces enabled us to deliver a consistent and secure experience across our many locations. Digital Space has built automations on top of Amazon’s service that makes it easy to provision and manage new offices, so that we can grow rapidly.

Barry Deevey IT Director at the PIB Group