Who is PureStorage?

PureStorage is the world’s most advanced data storage provider and a pioneer in all flash-based storage solutions.

Their mission is to uncomplicate data storage, for their users, and deliver a cloud experience that empowers every organisation to get the most from their data whilst reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it. PureStorage is also committed to making a significant impact in reducing data centre emissions worldwide through its environmental sustainability efforts, including designing products and solutions that enable customers to reduce their carbon and energy footprint.

Gartner has rated PureStorage as the industry leader for 9 years in a row in their Magic Quadrant for primary storage.

How can you benefit from our partnership with PureStorage?

Digital Space implements PureStorage in all our private cloud and virtual data centre offerings, with the level of performance generated providing extremely fast response times.

PureStorage, with a continuous emphasis on simplicity, has implemented rigorous security measures including AES-256 bit encryption, data erasure, rapid data locking technologies, key management, and a robust encrypt/decrypt process. These features meet or exceed internationally recognized security standards such as FIPS 140-2, NIAP/Common Criteria and PCI-DSS.