Top Five Tips when Migrating to Cloud

Cloud Migration

In recent years, the value of Cloud has increasingly been evident. Organisations from every industry, including manufacturing, finance, public sector, and retail, now operate with Cloud at the core of their infrastructure. Cloud is transforming the experience across workplaces. Whether it is the office, home, or on the move, we are seeing greater agility, scalability, and security for end-users and customers.

At Digital Space, our focus is ensuring we provide industry-leading cloud expertise and support for our customers, helping to reduce costs, move faster, and be more innovative.
What can you expect?

Migrating to the Cloud may be a big task, but with the right execution and support, it can be undisruptive, seamless, and hassle-free. Our team of specialists apply their expertise to optimise every aspect of our customer’s cloud migration journey.

We are well-versed in many migration tools, technologies, and approaches to find and deploy the right solution for your organisation. In this blog, we will talk about the process and touch on five tips for migrating to Cloud.

1. Efficient predictable migration

No surprises, an efficient and predictable migration is vital for a successful project. Amongst other things, this ensures the business is undisrupted during the process, meaning you remain operational and available to your customers at all times.

At the start of your cloud journey, we recommend speaking to a cloud provider who can review your infrastructure and ascertain the best avenue and solutions, according to your specific requirements.

2. Industry leading focus and tailored cloud solutions

No business is the same and there is no one fits all solution. Cloud personalisation and optimisation is key to assure your service. Our team of specialists work with customers to manage and deploy a tailored solution designed around your desired outcome, time, and budget. Having a solution that caters to your individual needs creates an environment that nurtures your projected growth. At Digital Space, we look at your business as a whole and take time to ask and discuss the right questions.

3. A sustainable solution

Understanding Cloud in regard to sustainability will benefit your business. As we move into a greener future, we recognise the importance of meeting environmental responsibilities. We ensure our customers have the knowledge necessary to make the right decisions according to their goals. Cloud is innovative and profitable, and because of renewable energy and the economies of scale, Cloud services are generally 80% more sustainable than on-site data centres.

4. Agile migration

To ensure effective migration, we recommend looking at time, quality and cost thoroughly first and then breaking the migration into small, structured sprints, looking, and reviewing the process on a daily basis. By doing this, you will start to see proven value much quicker and greater optimisation.

5. Mobilise your workforce

After completing the migration process, the user and customer experience needs to be optimised for greater mobility, security, and success, and it is important to empower users to connect collaborate at any time and in any location.

With Digital Space’s cloud managed services, we offer our customers solutions that evolve as you do, monitoring and managing cloud services 24/7 through a skilled and experienced team of experts. Ultimately this allows for your teams to focus on increasing competitive advantage.

Cloud at Digital Space

Reaching the Cloud is the first step in fully utilising the platform. With Digital Space, a Cloud MSP (Managed Service Provider), you can benefit from world-class solutions delivered through the UK’s leading vendors. We have achieved expert and advanced status with several partners, and we can provide customers with additional resources, competitive prices, and unrivalled expertise.

Speak to us today and discover the benefits of Cloud for your business.

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