Re-Tek Guest Blog: Secure and sustainable IT retirement

One-fifth of the world’s carbon emissions are produced from operations in the manufacturing and production sectors. As the effects become more evident, we are seeing a trend with many organisations rethinking their strategy in IT disposal and asset retirement.

The world is embracing more sustainable practices, and issues such as security and increased profitability are key considerations for organisations everywhere.

So, is there a solution that is profitable, secure, and sustainable for your business?

Our approach

At Re-Tek, we believe the answer is in rethinking lifecycle management, to unlock the value of your IT equipment from cradle to grave. We help our customers with every aspect of their IT’s life, from configuring devices to your specification, to securely erasing confidential data.

As a Digital Space strategic partner, one of Re-Tek’s driving principles is security, and we hold the CAS-S Sanitisation accreditation. Any service provider with this accreditation is certified in the high standards of the National Centre for Cyber Security in IT disposal, and it ensures the best security standards and practices when handling confidential data, meaning we are certified to destroy data safely and securely.

By collecting, ethically wiping, and recycling legacy equipment, we help customers remain secure and environmentally sustainable with re-use as a method of IT disposal and asset retirement.

Our partnership

Our customers remain a central focus point for our combined vision with Digital Space. We align our expertise and resources to provide customers with practical solutions that increase profits through cost efficiency whilst enabling them to fulfil Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.

Ultimately, our partnership empowers customers to achieve more as we cater to their specific needs and objectives in IT retirement and acquirement.

What to expect

We are committed to creating long-lasting relationships and delivering value through solutions like life cycle extension for laptops, adding five to six years to the unit, reducing the need for manufacturing, and the accompanying carbon footprint.

It is beneficial for the environment, and it means our customers can benefit from a cheaper and secure solution to laptop acquirement through re-use.

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