Mental Health Awareness Week: Going further to support our colleagues

This year for Mental Health Awareness Week, we furthered our commitment to supporting our people’s health and wellbeing, by hosting several activities and events.

Mental Health Awareness Event is an annual week-long event, which took place from 10 to 16 May this year. The week, which is recognised by leading charities, encourages people to open up and engage in discussions about their own health and wellbeing.

At Digital Space, we have always strived to support our employees and their mental health. Our wellbeing initiatives include discounted physiotherapy sessions, a bike-2-work scheme, fitness challenges and dedicated career support.

However, for Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to give our people that little extra, with special activities to enjoy every day of the week.

Movement Monday

We all know that exercise is a great way to increase endorphins, whilst relieving stress and tension, so we kicked off the week with Movement Monday. Employees were urged to step away from their desks and spend some time releasing endorphins by walking, running, biking or even activities such as yoga. Participants were then able to share their achievements and celebrate the hard work of their fellow colleagues via the Digital Space Strava Club.

Touchbase Tuesday

Touchbase Tuesday was all about reaching out to other colleagues to have a conversation and say hello. Many people over the last year have felt isolated, occasionally disconnected, and even lonely at times, despite speaking to people every day. By saying hello, we knew our colleagues could make a huge impact on each other’s day.

Wellbeing Wednesday

We were delighted to be joined by a special guest for Wellbeing Wednesday. Becky Davis, founder and coach of Fantastic People, hosted an online wellbeing coaching session. It gave our colleagues the opportunity to experience coaching and better understand their own health and wellbeing.

Take Action Thursday

For Take Action Thursday, we encouraged and supported our staff in putting time aside and tackling new challenges they might have been putting off. Whether it was finally kick-starting their New Years’ resolution or finally achieving their much-desired goals and dreams, today was the day to take action and do something about it.

Fun Friday!

Well as it was Friday… colleagues and teams across the Digital Space business got together, either face-to-face or virtually to chat about their week, brainstorm ideas or even just talk about weekend plans. It was a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy each other company after a busy week. Afterall, even just a chat, smile and laugh with colleagues can do wonders for our wellbeing!

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