Is Data Centre Colocation the right move for your Business? 

data centre colocation

Everything you need to know about Data Centre Migration and colocation for UK Businesses – from a UK Managed Service Provider


Are you an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) thinking about using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for colocation and data centre migration? Colocation can be a viable option, depending on your needs and circumstances. 

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about data centres, colocation and how it could be the right move for your business.  

What are data centres? 

Data centres are specialised facilities designed to house and manage a large number of computer systems, servers, networking equipment, and other related components for the purpose of processing, storing, and managing data.  

Serving as the backbone of many organisations’ IT infrastructure, they can provide the necessary resources to support various digital services and applications. 

What is data centre colocation? 

Data centre colocation refers to a facility where businesses can rent space for their servers and other computing hardware instead of maintaining their own dedicated data centres. 

This provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses that require reliable and secure hosting for their IT infrastructure without the need to build and manage their own dedicated data centres. 

What is data migration? 

Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system or storage infrastructure to another. This can involve moving data between different types of storage systems, databases, or formats. The goal of data migration is typically to upgrade or replace a system, improve performance, enhance features, or consolidate data from multiple sources. 

An ideal option for businesses of all sizes, including SMEs, data migration is often used when upgrading to a new software version, migrating to a cloud-based platform, consolidating data centres, or merging/acquiring businesses.  

What are the benefits of data centre colocation? 

Data centre colocation is cost-effective – you can reduce the need for upfront capital expenditure by adopting a colocation service, eliminating the need for building or maintaining your own data centres.  

Data centres will provide resources such as power, cooling and security, leading to further cost savings compared to managing these aspects independently.  

Data centre colocation is scalable – with room for scalability, we can work with you to easily expand your IT infrastructure as your business grows, without the need for major investments in hardware or facilities on your part. 

Data centre colocation is secure and reliable – colocation at our UK-based data centres is underpinned by UK Data Sovereignty for robust security, providing the ideal environment for critical business data. We offer data centre tours to give businesses the chance to view our fully secure facilities first-hand, that are manned 24/7 with secure perimeters and CCTV throughout, (secure fencing and access-controlled gating, inner key card and some with biometric access). 

Data centre colocation means connectivity – turn to colocation facilities for reliable and fast connectivity with backup and disaster recovery services. 

Data centre colocation expertise – with skilled staff on-site to assist with the maintenance and troubleshooting of IT infrastructure, your business is able to leave the management of complex systems to your colocation provider. As a Managed Service Provider, Digital Space work behind the scenes to take care of these needs, leaving you with the time and attention you need for your business. 

Data centre colocation ensures compliance – as a colocation provider, we have experience in meeting various compliance and regulatory standards. UK Data Sovereignty is a crucial asspect of our data centre capabilities, ensuring your data is in a known, UK location. 

Ready to learn more? Find out how you can take a free tour at one of our data centres, centrally located for your colocation needs.  

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