How to navigate the PSTN Switch off

As previously announced by BT Openreach, by 2025, all PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines will be switched off, affecting businesses across the UK as analogue telephone lines and cable services are fully decommissioned. This move will replace the current system built on copper lines with newer, more powerful fibre optic lines.

How will the switch off affect your business?

At Digital Space, we provide our customers with information and expertise to ensure a smooth and successful transition into the next age in communication technology. As we approach the 2025 deadline, it is increasingly vital for organisations to understand the forthcoming event, the impact to be expected, and how to execute a successful digital transformation plan in response.
Anything dependent on our current analogue system will be affected as our national infrastructure evolves, from security and telephone systems to alarms and door systems. Essentially, this means that any organisation that currently depends heavily on these systems for functionality must now ensure they are fully prepared and informed.

Planning for a successful transition

A proactive approach will be key to a successful process. By auditing your organisation’s exposure to the switch off and creating an inventory of devices connected, you can identify your use of PSTN lines by your locations and branches. This is a good way of understanding the impact the switch off will have on your organisation when deactivated and what steps you must take to avoid disruption to services and operations.

Taking the right precautions will enable you to develop a comprehensive migration plan, covering everything from timescale and impact on operations to the skills required to implement the strategy successfully.

To prepare our customers, Digital Space is highlighting avenues and versatile solutions such as SD-WAN, which are perfect for addressing challenges with the PSTN Switch-Off.

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