How to Provide Great Customer Experience in Retail with SD-WAN

Customer Exeprience - SD-WAN

We regularly consider the direct business benefits of Secure SD-WAN for retailers, but providing a great customer experience has its own growth benefits too.


Since SD-WAN was first introduced, its uptake has been exponential in the UK market, with organisations across the country innovating their networks, particularly in the retail industry.

If you’re not familiar with Software-Defined Wide Area Networks, We’ve already covered ‘What is SD-WAN?‘ here.

UK Retailers have identified huge potential for SD-WAN to enable revenue growth, and how it improves the efficiency of connectivity, enables remote working and provides flexibility as their business grows and changes.

Besides these clear advantages of modern connectivity, there are many benefits of Secure SD-WAN for retail customers too, which in turn, fuels the growth of retail organisations further.

This short, visual story uncovers the benefits of Secure SD-WAN for retail customers, and how that directly impacts retailers; Helping them reach their growth goals.

This fictional use case will visualise the benefits of Secure SD-WAN from a typical retail customer’s perspective, and how these experiences directly benefit the retail industry.

Download this easy-to-understand story and use it to help visualise the role of Secure SD-WAN for your teams and colleagues, without the complex IT language or abbreviations of a technical whitepaper.

Download the story here

Penny Spender story


Discover your potential with Secure SD-WAN with this recommended first step.

The first step to planning a successful Secure SD-WAN migration is to assess the health of your existing network. Learn more about the Network Health Check now.

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