How close do you think you are to getting hacked?

In 2021 alone, four in 10 businesses in the UK experienced a cyber-attack but most shockingly, a large portion of those businesses thought they had sufficient cyber security in place before the attack took place.

The threat landscape is ever changing and at an incredible pace too, with a cyber-attack taking many forms from a malicious malware email sent to an unsuspecting employee to a DoS (Denial of Service), which targets the systems and servers of a business.

Yet, 73 per cent of businesses lack the capability and expertise to withstand a cyber security attack, placing themselves at risk new threats or malware, without realising.

So how can you make sure you have the right cyber security in place?

Prepare for an attack

Developing a cyber response plan can greatly reduce the impact of a potential attack and the potential reputational and financial damage it could cause. This should then be tested with a Cyber Simulation which provides the perfect training ground to ensure everyone knows their role if the worst were to happen.

Ensure you remain secure

To reduce the impact of any new threats or malware, it is important to have regular security health checks. This can be done in the form of vulnerability assessments and Penetration Testing along with a managed security team that is able to monitor an organisation’s infrastructure 24/7 and identify any potential attacks.

Make sure you act quickly

Understand the swift action you need to take in the event of an attack. If a cyber breach is discovered, it is critical to get the post incident work initiated as soon as possible. This will include remediating against any know vulnerabilities the attacker used to gain access and closing these off to prevent a second attack. A security analyst can determine that an attack has been successful, and a post incident investigation can identify what has been compromised, allowing the business to restore to a period of uncompromised from their backups.

It’s time to discover just how close you are to being hacked!

If you think you have suitable cyber security in place, it’s time to put this to the test! Working in partnership with our world-leading global cyber security partner, CyberQ Group, they will access just how safe your IT infrastructure is through an extensive free external infrastructure vulnerability assessment. Then, our experts will conduct a scan of the Dark, Deep and Surface web to identify any other weak spots in defenses that attackers could take advantage of. Finally, a detailed report will be provided outlining any findings.

Find out just how close you are to being hacked with Digital Space!

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