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The PSTN Switch Off is fast approaching and at Digital Space, we are doing all we can to support both current and new customers during this momentum change.

BT has announced that it will be switching off all public switched telephone network (PSTN) services by 2025. For businesses with analogue telephone lines and cables, this means that they will need to start looking at how they replace their current ISDN/PSTN services. Our FAQs can provide some guidance.

Utilising our partnership with Gamma

As part of this, our connectivity experts have been utilising Digital Space’s strategic partnership with Gamma to support customers further with their Digital Switch On. Our ISDN replacement offerings are being underpinned by Gamma’s UK leading network and SIP Trunking capabilities.

By working in partnership together, we are able to provide some of the UK’s best in breed solutions as replacements for PSTN and ISDN. Through the provision of Gamma’s SIP Trunking solution, we can ensure that customers are no longer restricted by inflexible and costly voice calls services. Instead, they will have scalable, resilient and business continuity as well as complete control over their phone lines.

Nathan Steadman, Head of UC&C at Digital Space commented: “We have worked closely with Gamma over the last few years, and have always admired them as a business, so it’s great to be working strategically together to support our customers during the PSTN Switch Off. We strongly believe that working with one of the UK’s market leaders in SIP is the right partnership to support our customers’ transition of their communication services to the cloud.”

Mike Mills, Director of Cloud and Infrastructure Partners at Gamma, said: “We are looking forward to strengthening our existing partnership with Digital Space. Both Gamma and Digital Space share the belief that the 2025 switch-off is a pivotal moment in a customer’s cloud journey and together, with Digital Space’s customer-first approach and expertise, we feel this partnership provides both businesses with an exciting opportunity for growth over the next 4 years.”

A special offer

We are offering businesses the chance to benefit from a free Connected Space Audit with one of our specialists. We recognise that a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not work when it comes to a replacement service. Therefore, our specialists will provide a tailored consultation working closely with you to develop an individual solution based around your business’ requirements and aspirations.

If you would like to benefit from a free Connected audit, please click here.

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