Enabling sustainability through innovative solutions

With a fifth of the world’s emissions coming from operations in the manufacturing and production sectors, it’s evident why over 60% of UK businesses are now considering ways technology can help with their Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) and save the environment.

Understanding this, many organisations are now reconsidering their IT disposal and asset retirement strategies, with key considerations being security and increased profitability.

At Digital Space, our central focus and vision is to provide our customers with win-win sustainable services and solutions designed to put you at an advantage, enabling you to reach your CSR goals whilst being profitable.

Our Partnerships

We provide customers with profitable, secure and sustainable solutions through our strategic partnerships. We collaborate with partners such as Re-Tek to deliver innovative IT lifecycle management solutions, unlocking the value of your IT equipment from cradle-to-grave. By collecting, ethically wiping and recycling legacy equipment, we help customers remain secure and environmentally sustainable with re-use as a method of IT disposal and asset retirement.

Through our Partnership with Circular Computing, we can offer our customers a more sustainable, profitable future with increased cost efficiency and productivity. We do this through an extensive 300-step laptop remanufacturing process with no compromises, ensuring customers can have absolute confidence in quality as good as or better than new.

Ultimately, by defining your hardware needs based on actual need rather than the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), our customers can appeal to the real needs of the business and take control of their IT strategy instead of potentially over-specifying their procurement.

We are committed to supporting our customers in achieving their ambitious CSR targets, so our efforts extend to:

  • Enabling customers to move from on-premise data centres to public Cloud services which are 80% more energy and carbon-efficient.
  • We implement SD-WAN services for customers that enable them to change their network design through software rather than by replacing expensive equipment.
  • Through our partners who reuse and recycle equipment, nothing goes to landfill.

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