Driving Better Customer Experiences with Amazon Connect

What is Amazon Connect?

In just a few steps, you can set up a contact centre with amazon connect and your agents from any location to start engaging with customers. Amazon Connect is an omnichannel cloud contact centre. It is an easy-to-use tool that aids and enables organisations to provide excellent customer service and customer engagement.

Why use Amazon Connect for your contact centre?

Over the last decade, the demand on call centres and agents has heightened, resulting in an increased need for efficiency, higher levels of skill and multi-tasking to manage customer interactions.

Most of what is required from a contact centre tends to be basic and for the customer the priority is the solution. Amazon Connect helps to deliver on these requirements more efficiently with minimum friction for the customer. With an in-browser contact centre solution, your organisation can benefit from a ‘work anywhere’ flexibility with no on-premise hardware requirements. The scalable pay-as-you-go model enables you to evolve as required with changing call volumes.

So, what are the Key benefits?

  • Cloud-based: As long as there’s a network connection, your agents can use Amazon Connect.
  • Scalable & Elastic: There is no infrastructure to deploy or manage, which enables you to scale your contact centre up or down.
  • Flexible: The Contact Flow Editor (CFE) that powers Amazon Connect includes blocks for interaction, integration and more. Call flows can include a mixture of pre-recorded audio prompts, call recording and generated audio.
  • AI Enabled: Help your organisation operate more efficiently and improve the customer experience with Amazon Connect’s AI capabilities including self-service.

In short, with Amazon Connect, you can build reliable, inexpensive automatic calling services with improved CX, speed, automated text to speech, bespoke services and more.

Why Digital Space for your AWS needs?

As an Advanced Consulting Partner, Digital Space is amongst the most experienced AWS partners and is recognised as a leader in both vertical and horizontal markets.

We provide our customers with a bespoke package and our fully managed service capability means we can maintain, run and monitor your network and systems 24/7, giving you and your teams the time and ability to focus on other areas of need.

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