Digital Space’s core focus for 2022

It’s a new year, a new opportunity for technological change and innovation.

There is no doubt that digital change in business is going to gain further momentum and pace in 2022, thanks to the acceleration of cloud adoption, Microsoft license changes and the increasing threats to the security landscape. But, most notably, the next year will put connectivity innovation centre stage.

This will be driven by key trends taking hold, such as SD-WAN maturation, the 5G roll-out, where its capabilities to provide faster speeds and greater reliability promises to disrupt the telecommunications market, and the compelling ‘Big PSTN Switch Off’. The event at the end of 2025 will see thousands of businesses across the UK retire legacy telephone lines and move to the cloud.

What’s more, a stronger drive to be more sustainable and compliant will see businesses look at IT as an opportunity to meet their CSR agendas.

At Digital Space, the shift towards greater connectivity and cloud-based solutions has shaped our focus for customers, as we target the provision of Secure, Connected Cloud as a Managed Service solution. We are committed to helping UK small and mid-market businesses navigate their evolving IT environment and market segmentation, through our partner channels.

So, what does this mean for customers?

We have invested significantly in developing our service portfolio and data-led architectures to deliver clear value across our three ‘lead services’, cloud, SD-WAN and SASE. This is backed by our best-in-class vendors, including AWS, Fortinet and CyberQ. Our commitment to delivering secure, connected cloud alongside managed services, will be further accompanied by practices for UCC, Sustainability and Product.

Our investment in our Cloud Management Portal (CMP) while integrating service desk functionality means we can help our customers get to the cloud faster, whilst enabling them to self-serve and interact more responsively through multiple application and data platforms. By utilising our own core network and Virtual Data Centre (VDC), we can ensure we provide a fast but predictable migration into the cloud for customers.

Creating additional value through connecting Edge devices and IoT (Internet of Things) will empower our customer’s workplaces and enable their workforces to be more productive and succeed, whether they are in an office, on location or working from home. Finally, we support customer-edge and service delivery through our cloud-based contact centres.

Through our sustainability practice, supply chain service, Tech Space and partnerships with Circular Computing and Re-Tek, we can help customers transition away from physical kit through a sustainable approach providing an evolutionary technology lifecycle, managing the past whilst realising the future of technology.

Delivering results

We are committed to propelling growth for our customers through the acceleration of secure, connected cloud and enabling their digital transformation across the evolving cloud and connectivity fabric.

We achieve success though our multidisciplinary team of people who have a proven track record in developing the best practices, governance and frameworks, but we continue to hone their skills, capabilities, accreditations and partner relationships for unrivalled customer results.

We believe that our core focus for 2022 is aligned to the evolving trends of IT and current market and represent a catalyst for generational technology uplift. Through our expert vendor partnerships, industry leading specialists and impressive portfolio, we have the drive and vision to help customers realise their full potential, through the best of secure, connected cloud solutions.

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