Advantages of Cloud Computing

As new advancements in technology appear, they address a need for competitive advantage and agility as organisations race to evolve powered by these innovations. Cloud computing remains the primary focus for platform technology, and many organisations are creating more efficient, reliable, and scalable systems of business through it.

So, what is cloud computing?

In short, cloud computing is the delivery of IT resources and computing services on-demand and over the internet. This solution offers rapid innovation, resource flexibility, and economies of scale; instead of buying and maintaining physical data centres and servers, you can access technology services in real-time and as they are required. Whether it’s computing power, storage, or applications, cloud computing gives you the power to consume these services as and when you need.

So, what are some of the advantages?


When you have access to the cloud, you have at your fingertips, a range of innovative technologies, such as machine learning, automation, and analytics, facilitating rapid innovation.


Compared with traditional IT development approaches, the time between idea and implementation is significantly decreased; empowering your teams and allowing them to experiment with ideas. This creates better employee and customer experiences, transforming your business quickly.

Elasticity & cost savings

No need for big upfront investments, sizing for peaks in usage, which may lead to paying more than you routinely need, cloud computing lets you trade capital expenses for variable expenses, meaning you pay as you consume. Not only can you scale up or down, instantly growing or shrinking capacity as needed, but the alignment of resources consumed when and as you need means you ultimately optimise your platform expenditure with cloud computing, potentially paying less if your usage is managed carefully.

Global deployment in minutes

The world is yours with cloud as you gain instant global access and deployment from anywhere, anytime with just a few clicks. Our partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has infrastructure spanning the globe, giving our customers this ease of access and the ability to address new regions and markets.

Cloud computing makes it possible for your business to become more agile with reduced costs, and the ability to scale instantly. Cloud has democratised enterprise-class IT across all strata of organisations, right down to small to medium size enterprises.

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