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Enhancing customer experience with digital retail, hospitality, and leisure transformation.

Digital Space provides IT solutions for the retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors, focusing on retail digital transformation to enhance customer experiences. We offer scalable, agile services tailored to individual business needs, helping improve efficiency, collaboration, and security.

Key offerings include secure payment solutions, AI-driven consumer trend analysis, and integrated systems for managing bookings and stock levels. Our expertise helps businesses maintain a competitive edge by leveraging digital platforms, driving brand loyalty, enhancing customer loyalty, and effectively managing customer data.

Toolstation Case Study

Improved remote productivity by 42%
and security by 18%.

Digital Space's collaboration with Toolstation has yielded impressive results in retail digital transformation. The campaign successfully transformed Toolstation's network and unified communications (UC) services, enhancing security, innovation, and efficiency. By implementing a robust connectivity solution across 500 sites, Digital Space ensured network resilience, reduced downtime, and improved customer experiences. The deployment of Mitel’s Cloud Flex platform and SIP DECT services facilitated the transition to a more cost-effective IP-based phone system, cutting operational costs. Toolstation also benefited from improved Wi-Fi coverage, enabling better in-store and warehouse operations and freeing up IT resources to focus on innovation.

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Digital Space's cloud solutions equip staff with essential tools for success across various roles. We provide comprehensive IT services to help businesses maintain competitiveness with future-proof technologies. Our offerings include AI and data platforms for enhanced consumer trend analysis, enabling rapid adaptation in evolving markets. These solutions aim to improve efficiency, security, and customer experience, fostering brand loyalty and supporting digital transformation.

Tailored solutions for you.

At Digital Space, we recognise the uniqueness of your manufacturing operations, construction projects, and retail operations. Embracing digital transformation and retail digital transformation, we offer a comprehensive, tailored approach to meet your evolving needs. Our solutions are designed to set you ahead in today's competitive landscape, ensuring you feel understood and valued. Additionally, we focus on effectively managing customer data to enhance your business operations and drive growth.


Secure Space

Through our global security partnerships, we are secure by design, helping organisations reduce real-time incidents, isolate incidents, and improve security posture.

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Connected Space

We deliver the infrastructure and tools to connect your employees and customers across enterprise networks. Our high-performing connected solutions give your business the agility, efficiency and security to operate 24/7.

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Cloud Space

The key to success is a reliable cloud solution that drives productivity and scalability. Our tailored public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions enable employees to deliver productive results regardless of location or time.

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Speak with one of our retail, hospitality, and leisure technology experts to explore how we can optimise your operations, streamline processes, and leverage digital innovations. Discover how our tailored digital transformation initiatives can enhance efficiency, improve customer experiences, and drive growth in your industry.

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Benefits of cloud technology for your business.

  • Streamline workflows and processes

    Using cloud technology, businesses can automate tasks, centralise data management and integrate applications, streamlining operations and optimising efficiency. This approach reduces manual workload, ensures consistent data access, and enables seamless workflows. Additionally, leveraging cloud technology provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, helping businesses make informed decisions and tailor their services to meet customer needs more effectively.

  • Connected collaboration

    Cloud-based communication tools enable real-time collaboration, document sharing, and project management, fostering seamless teamwork and significantly enhancing productivity. These tools streamline workflows and improve overall efficiency.

  • Reliability, scalability and security

    Cloud services provide high reliability, scalability for business growth, and robust security measures to safeguard data. They ensure continuous access, adaptability, and protection against cyber threats, all while driving digital transformation and providing data-driven insights.

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Miranda Gillott

Head of Hospitality, Retail and Leisure

With a continuously changing landscape and the ever demanding expectations of the tech-savvy consumer, Digital Space can enable you to keep pace with change.

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